No Dogs in the Shop

DSC_0252DSC_0611Let me start by saying that I love my dogs. My dogs are always happy to see me and they miss me when I’m out in the shop.  I try to take my dogs out in the shop on days I won’t be using any power tools.

Lately, I’ve been making a pine candle box and filming the process.  I was in the middle of chopping out the dovetails when I slipped with my mallet and put a dent in the piece I was working on.  I  needed some hot water to raise the dent back up. So I headed inside to get some hot water and left the piece of wood  on the work bench.

Leaving the dogs to themselves was not the best idea, but I never thought that I would have to worry about them getting stuff that was on my bench.

When I came back into the shop I realized my dovetail piece was missing.  As I searched for the piece I heard a chewing sound coming from the corner. When I came around the side of my table saw I saw the box piece was being devoured in my dog’s mouth.bad dog bad dog bad dog

I have the whole thing on tape and I will be posting it on YouTube. I learned a valuable lesson and will never be leaving my dogs alone in the shop again.