Cabin Pantry

As summer comes to an end, I have finally completed the cabin pantry! My client, and very good friend, was extremely happy to receive it.
This pantry is massive at 8ft long and nearly 8ft tall. In order to fit through the cabin door, I built the pantry in four sections. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of it apart.
To give the pantry a more seamless appearance, the door panels, the stiles, and rails were all cut to ensure grain continuity.  The stiles and rails are joined with mortise and tenon joints.


The door panels were too wide to fit through my planer, so I had to break out the hand planes. The pantry sides were connected with hand-cut half-blind dovetails that, although not necessary, were great practice.
After several months of taking up room in my shop, I am so happy to have the pantry finished and gone! I look forward to the coming months, and more time in my shop.