Marking Gauges

Marking gauges and cutting gauges are definitely an essential tool in my shop and it seems that I am always in need of more. When working on projects that use a mix of material at different thickness, or just a project with a lot of different measurements, I like having the option of setting a gauge and leaving it that way through the entire project. When I use the same gauge for different measurements and then try to set it back to its previous measurement I’m always off by just a hair and end up having  discrepancy in the project. So it’s always nice to have a few extra marking gauges lying around.

I used a 2.5degree angle on the
wedge that holds the cutter in place.
I like to use about a 5degree angle
on the wedge that holds the marking  position.

Same 5 degree angle for the wedge.

These are just two of the most recent gauges I’ve made, they are quite simple and the best part they cost nothing to make. They are made from scrap wood lying around the shop that were destined for the fireplace. I love making my own tools especially ones I use every day.

Made from an apple tree cut from our back yard.
Notice the grind of the pin its ground
flat on one side and rounded on the other